Project Description


Pressure Vessels and Surge Vessels
Skid Packages
Storage Tanks (Site and Shop Built Tanks)
Thermal Energy Storage Tanks
Acoustic Enclosure and Rooms
Industrial Process Utilities Systems
Stainless Steel and Steel Structural Works


Oil & Gas
Chemical & Fertilizers / Pharmaceutical
Power Generation
Water & Waste Water
Industrial Process Utilities Systems


As a leading Pressure Vessels manufacturer in UAE, Berg can provide complete design and analysis of pressure vessels including design and stress reports, fatigue analysis, pipe stress analysis and finite element analysis. Our approach on engineering of pressure vessels is solution-based, drawing on our extensive experience in the process engineering. Pressure Vessels have been manufactured with different type of materials like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steels , Nickel & Nickel Alloys and Cladding of specified materials. we are accredited with ASME “U” and “NB” certifications.

We undertake manufacturing and repair of Surge Vessels and equipment as per ASME / National Board requirements while adhering to the highest quality standards and complying with applicable design codes and industrial specifications.

Our Scope of Work

  • Design (ASME SEC VIII Div 1, PD5500 etc) & Detailed Engineering
  • Preparation of Fabrication Drawings
  • Procurement of Materials
  • Rolling of Shells and Forming of Dish Ends,
  • Welding as per ASME Sec IX using qualified welders
  • Complete Fabrication at our works
  • Post Weld heat treatment (If required)
  • Hydro test, All other Non Destructive Tests,
  • Pickling & Passivation, Painting as per project Specification
  • Packing and marking as per project specification
  • Fit up of all internals (if required)
  • Complete QA/QC Documentation and as-built drawings
  • ASME U, NB Registration, CE Marking, SONCAP Certification, ARH Documentation etc as required
Air Compressed Type Surge Vessel (ASME Sec VIII Div-I, ID- 3060 X TL TL- 6800, 50m3) Project:EPS 6 And TSE Line From 5th Industrial Area Main STP End Client:Goverment of Sharjah
98% Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank (ASME Sec VIII Div-I ID-3200 TL-8100,) Project :Rumail project, Acid Dosing system for QA WTP End Client:BISTRISH PETROLEUM IRAQ
LP Compression Discharge Scrubber (ASME Sec VIII Div-I ID-942 TL-,2794) Project:Kwale Flare Down Project,Nigeria End Client:NAOC
Air Bladder Surge Vessel (ASME Sec VIII Div-I, ID-1162 TL-1150.2M3) Project:Nareel Island Infrastructure and Public Realm) End Client:Abudhabi Electricity & Water Supply
Oil Coalescer Filter (ASME Sec VIII Div-I ID-8 TL-2700) Project:Ministry of Electricity and Water,Kuwait End Client:MEW.KUWAIT
 Closed Drain Vessel (ASME Sec VIII Div -I ID-3200 TL-12000.105M3) Project:Hassyan Clean Coal Power Plant Phase 1 End Client:Hassyan Energy
Knockout Drum (ASME Sec Div -I,ID -1000 TL-2250) Project:West Qurna(WQJ) PMC Agreement End Client:Exxon Mobil,IRAQ
 Surge Vessel (ASME Sec VIII Div -I ID-3060 TL-6800.50M3) Project:EPS 6 and TSE Line From 5th Industrial Area Main STP End Client:Goverment of Sharjah
42.5M3 Surge Vessel(ASME Sec VIII Div -I ID-2900 TL-5700.42.5M3) Project:TSE Transfer Pumping Station Surge Vessel End Client:Goverment of Sharjah
Charcoal filter Vessels(ASME Sec VIII Div -I ID-711 TL-1745) Project:fabrication of Charcoal Filters End Client:Spectra International FZE)
10M3 Bladder Type Surge Vessel (ASME Sec VIII Div -I ID-1710 TL-4000,10M3) Project:2113-202 Fujairah port Landside Works) End Client:ABU Dhabhi Ports
 Bladder Type Surge Vessel (ASME Sec VIII Div -I ID-2000 TL-1500,5M3) Project:Mugharraq port Developement Contract No:2105-202) End Client: Abu Dhabhi Ports
Lime Sludge Thickener (MBBR Tank)- U.A.Q,( ID-3512 TL-2956) Project:150 MIGD RO Desalination Plant End Client:Federel Electricity and water Authority
Bladder Type Surge Vessel (ASME Sec VIII Div -I ID-1500 TL-5600,80M3) Project:WATER Transmission Scheme for Madinat Zayed to Liwa End Client:Abudhabhi Transmission And Dispatch Company
Air Compressor Surge Vessel ((ASME Sec VIII Div -ID:2.5  TL-5.6,30M3) Project:Internel Roads and InfraStructure  in Ras Al Gurab Island