Project Description


Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement of Material, Fabrication, Testing, Supply of the following :

  • Chemical injection Skid packages
  • Shop Fabricated Tanks
  • Piping Spools fabrication (CS, SS, CUNI, Duplex) & Piping System Installation
  • Pressure Vessels & Reactors (ASME“U” stamped)
  • Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube Type), Waste Heat Boilers, Re-boilers
30000 LTR Above Ground Tanks
Oil Coalescer Skid Package
Vaporizer Installation
Fuel System-Kanza Data-center
Compressor Skid Package
16 Bar Pressure Vessel
Tubular Heat Exchanger
Chemical Injection Skid
5 Bar ASME Pressure Vessel
Piping Spools